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Thread: People and Messages Issue

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    People and Messages Issue

    So this is my first smartphone, and I just got it on the 29th from Best Buy. I don't know which of these problems are typical of a phone with an OS, and which are defects in my phone.

    Occasionally I will get a message that the phone or messages has had to fore close. Not excessive, but annoying.

    My text messages just started (yesterday) being sent to recipients twice.

    When I receive phone calls, it shows up as just the number and not with the matched name. The name and number were paired in contacts. A restart of the phone solved this.

    One time after the above issue, I went to "people" but it showed "loading" and never proceeded.

    I know the battery is horrible, but I plugged it in last night, charged it all the way (green light), then unplugged it before I went to bed. When I woke up approximately eight hours later (the phone wasn't in use at all during the night), my battery was 3/4ths empty. I have wifi/bluetooth off, Advanced Task Killer, screen dimmed, etc. I charged it for half an hour before I left, haven't used it since except for a five minute phone call and to restart it after one of the above problems, and the battery is half dead (it's only been three hours).

    Any input or advice on any of these issues would be appreciated. I've actually enjoyed the battery life until recently. I'm really looking into whether I should go through the hassle of exchanging it or if these are normal problems.

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    If you actually go in and turn off the 3G connection, and close the apps when you're done running them in the menu (and get rid of task killer, while you're at it) your battery life will improve greatly. I can get two full days out of mine, when I'm not using it heavily.
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    Uninstall task killer, and stay awy from any task killing apps. This will improve your battery life. Everything else you will learn just like the rest of us, trial and error.

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