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Thread: [ROM] jdfroyo REVival Series BETA Presented by BlackhawkMOD.

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    [ROM] jdfroyo REVival Series BETA Presented by BlackhawkMOD

    Credits: Football, manup, myn, rmk, incdoes, calkulin, aamikan, jdlodach, defictism/brucekey, ihtfp69, HTC (of course), Google (goes without say)

    Ok, heres a nice bunch of roms. These roms are ported from the latest leaked OTA from the Evo ( i believe 3.30.651.2). It is focused on being flashy yet very customizable. I have included 2 versions, stock and manup themed. I will post 2 more "mystery" versions tomorrow.

    Removed Apps:
    All Sprint Specific apps and walls (quik, VVM, Sprint Tv, etc)
    All 4G menus and widgets
    Sprint Bootanimation (replaced with stock inc boot)

    Added manup revolution theme (in the "manup" version of the rom)
    Added rom manager app, new youtube app
    Added in oj-wake thanks to ihtfp69
    Added transitions from the Desire Z ROM

    Known Bugs:
    (Manup)- MODDED HTCIME fc, regular ime works fine
    (Common)- no ESPT

    Disclaimer: i have none. Its your phone, you make the desicions. On a similar note, i test all my stuff, so you will not run a bricking risk.

    Reboot to clockwork
    NAndriod if you want
    Perform a full wipe (cache, factory data reset, and dalvik cache)
    Flash ROM
    REBOOT PHONE!!!!!!!!
    Configure settings
    Reboot to clockwork and Flash any kernels, Themes (on the regular version only! The manup version is themed with revolution theme, so flashing additional themes will break manup theme.), patches, mods, etc.


    Other release notes:

    None as of yet.


    Its stock sense, we all know what it looks like. The manup theme is located here: [THEME] 8/30/2010 Manup456 The EVO Collection 2.2 UPDATED =) - Page 128 - xda-developers so there are no problems

    wifi fix: http://bit.ly/aLgV79
    Stock: Android ROM Site
    Manup:Android ROM Site
    Mystery1: Coming soon
    Mystery2: Coming soon

    v1 initial release
    v1.1 fixed wifi (flash over)

    Mods and themes Compatible with the rom:
    snq reboot mod:[Mod] 4-in-1 Reboot Menu - ported from htc desire - Page 2 - xda-developers
    Colin Ph Battery Tweak: [MOD] Collin_ph Battery Tweak For EVO By Myn - xda-developers
    Ziggy Kernel: Ziggy471.com Life's too short, have fun while you can.
    KingxKernel: [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BATTFIX] [BFS] [OC] [UV] KiNgxKernel #5/#5 "Falling Up" - xda-developers
    Sexy Rosie (and any custom themes and mappings): [MOD] Sexy Rosie! Remapped rosie bar. UPDATE - HANDCENT GVOICE, and BROWSER MAPPINGS! - xda-developers
    If you come across any other mods that work with this rom, please share.

    NOTE: if you download it from your phone, it will just download as .bin. Just rename it to jdfroyo.zip using astro file manager and it will be good
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    If you want any themes ported, please let me know so I can port a theme to this Rom.

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    Hey I'm going to check this out
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