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Thread: {ROM}[10-9]The New Guy [EVO, CUSTOM ROSIE, THEMED, SMOOTH]

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    from {ROM}[10-9]The New Guy [EVO, CUSTOM ROSIE, THEMED, SMOOTH] - xda-developers

    The New Guy

    The original rom, Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo, came from here and was created by Myn over on the Evo threads.

    You may donate to him here if you wish.

    None. Do or don't as you please.

    Ive been wanting to do an Incredible Rom for a while now, and heres what I've come up with.
    This is based on an Evo Rom, and it uses the full Evo frameworks. Yes that means that Evo themes will work

    Main Features

    -100% Evo Framework
    -Internal memory 100% mounted and avaiable to all apps
    -Verizon apps in market, Sprint apps on SD - BOTH WORK! (Sprint TV and Verizon Skype for example)
    -EVO Camera with 8MP Camera, and 720p Recording
    -Optical Trackpad wake
    -Three in One Reboot options (Recovery, Bootloader, Regular)
    -Custom Rosie (Custom themed launder and semi transparent app drawer)
    -Beautiful screen transitions
    -Goregous theme
    -Evo apps
    -Circle Battery with percentage
    -Max attatchment size bumped up to 5MB


    -Outgoing MMS


    Version 4 >> Opps! 
    -fixed the music app and widget that I broke earlier
    -added APN Backup and Restore to /data/app and a **im told** working apn in the right folder. Delete all apns and then restore apnstest2
    -removed the Sprint apps until I have a chance to check them out again
    Version 3 >> Makin Her Presentable
    -added a metamorph for white circle battery
    -added a metamorph to change all the Evo stuff to Incredible
    -added a metamorph to change a lot of the highlights to red
    -added a 3 in 1 metamorph to do all three at once
    -new boot animation
    -new ringtone
    Version 2 >> Cleaning House
    -fixed lights
    -fixed sensors
    -fixed softkeys
    -verizon tab in market (Sprint VVM still works though xD)
    -mounted sdcard
    -mounted emmc
    -music now reads emmc!
    -automatic brightness by default
    -fixed 3 in one reboot options
    -added Droid X ringtones
    -incoming MMS fixed / outgoing still broken
    -build prop fixes
    -optical trackpad wake
    Version 1 >> Initial Port
    -lights broken
    -all sensors broken
    -sd card not mounting
    -emmc not mounting
    -massive forceclosures
    -softkeys not working
    -3 in 1 reboot option not functional 
    -bloat bloat bloat (wimax files etc)
    -mms broken
    -automatic brightness not enabled
    -no verizon apps
    -beautifully themed
    -custom rosie


    • Koush for Rom Manager and ClockWorkMod Recovery
    • Myn for creating the base rom
    • SNQ for the AWESOME three in one reboot menu
    • Deficitism for his crucial work on Sexy Rosie
    • I grabbed pieces of a lot of themes when i was putting this together. If your name isnt on this list and you feel you contributed in any way to this project, let me know and your name will be up in a flash!


    • Download rom manually or through Rom Manager under Andrizoid's name.
    • Do a backup and be sure to complete a FULL WIPE.
    • After flashing the rom, you have the choice to apply the themes or not.
    • Download MetaMorph from the market
    • Open MetaMorph and select unzip new theme.
    • There are 4 possible themes. If you would like to apply all of them (which i reccomend) choose BigDaddy.zip. It contains all the files for the other three.
    • Choose apply all. You may be prompted to reboot after.
    • After getting everything set up, check Rom Manager for an update. It will then push a small patch update fixing your music widget, giving you the correct apn to restore and the app to restore it with. This update also deletes the junk Sprint apps until i get a chance to look at them again and see if we can get them working.

    TheNewGuy-1.zip Manual Download
    Mirror One

    TheNewGuy-1.zip Web Connect download through Rom Manager
    Install from QR Code

    If your interested in donating to me, you can do so here, or on Rom Manager.
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    Loving this Rom

    I have jumped from ROM to ROM and this one is by far my favorite. I especially love the boot screen it feels even more like my phone is not nething like the others haha. Rom is awesome
  3. Droid Newbie
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    ive actually updated it up to v4 now, you can find it on RM
  4. Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrizoid View Post
    ive actually updated it up to v4 now, you can find it on RM

    Updated it last night Love the new stuff
  5. Droid
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    New guy 5 is it flash over or complete wipe?

    Sent from my ADR6300 using DroidForums App
  6. Droid Newbie
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    full wipe
    check the xda thread for a more in depth write up.
  7. Droid Newbie
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    Enter Current Phone Model Here
    how do we get sprint tv to work? when i go to play a show, it gives me an error.
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    That looks real cool I wish I still had my Evo now.
    Im a big fan of Red when done right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoney1 View Post
    if you like this stolen rom... you'll love the real deal!! flash myn's warm two point two rls3... it kills every other warm rls, wich means it kills this one too. [ROM] Myn's Warm Two Point Two By Incubus26Jc [RLS3] [11/5/2010] The Real Guys (NEW!) - xda-developers

    yoe andrizoid... so why did you get the boot from xda?? hahaha
    should of stuck to your incredibly transparent........
    Maybe you should re-read the OP, he gives credit where credits due.
  10. Senior Droid
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    Incredible :)
    QR code and RM links are not working.... I realllllllllly want to try this one out
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