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If you're not tied to GB, SkyRaider Sense 4 is excellent and includes some good GB features. Like you, I was not wowed by stock GB, and miss Sense when I don't have it.

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There is a new leaked VZW official Gingerbread ROM at Android Police. I have flashed it and it's fine, except it seems to run down the battery pretty quickly AND (PAY ATTENTION) I have not been able to successfully return the phone to root, even though the Android Police guys maintain that you can. I am sure someone at xda/unrEVOked will get the steps to root down soon. Hopefully HTC and VZW will get a fix out for battery life soon, but I haven't had much time to test (36 hours). So far the best battery life I have gotten was on Skyraider 4.3 with the standard kernel.

I am excited to have GB and sense, though. Can barely believe I have the original DInc keyboard back after all these months! Otherwise, GB is super-fast. If you try the released ROM, make sure to enable fastboot. The Incredible really earns its name with the new ROM.