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Thread: My D.Inc What are you working with?? Lets See..

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    My D.Inc What are you working with?? Lets See..

    The links i use are in my signature...IncRom 1.2 what i call Remix version i tweaked to my liking...and added the Themed Blue Gingerbread Keyboard. i also use Dysgenic's Boot animation ,AndroidParticles1 Blue Pictured here with zip download..thanks for all the hard work on those for us to use. this set up is super stable and lightning fast...battery life would be awesome if i could stop palying with the da*n phone during the day...lol...but i do know battery life is good as well.
    Lets see what kinda setups you guys and gal's are working with...post here with screen shots..
    Thanks everyone!
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    This is my Incredible running CM7 #27 gingerbread 2.3.2

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