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Thread: Stupid Noob Question re: dialer

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    Stupid Noob Question re: dialer

    Hi all,

    Been considering rooting & messing with my Dinc, but the amount of information, options, themes and precautions is a bit overwhelming. Instead of asking the obvious questions, I'll try something a bit different:

    While reading various threads on different forums, I came across something I thought was amazing: Elegant Steel for the Nexus One. The only thing that REALLY stood out was the dialer setup. Is that dialer setup something restricted to Nexus Ones, or is a similar setup attainable through rooting/rom-ing/theme-ing?

    The Dinc's Dialer/Contacts setup is atrocious (IMHO) and I don't think a simple app would change that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you are talking about the "look" of the dialer, yes, that is something that can be applied to any phone through either ROMs or themes. While you don't need root access to apply all themes (some in the market use low level access), others require it.
    This theme was made specifically for CyanogenMod though, so it makes it easier if you had that. But it is possible to modify it for anything or even to apply only that part of a theme.
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    Thanks for the response. Was doing a little research, and it appears what I'm loving is the ChainsDD dialer or Wysie/Contacts Dialer mod (not sure of the difference).

    Fairly certain I'll root my phone this weekend. Just have some studying up to do now.

    Thanks again.


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