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So I tried to flash clockworkmod recovery it said it was done and reports current recovery as

So I did some reading and as usual people don't explain in a perfectly understandable way but am I to understand that you must run cm while connected to a computer and do it each time as it will not stay in the phone?

Why would Rom Manager let me flash the recovery if it doesn't work yet.
Back to my original!

Lets say I don't even own a computer (macs are not computers they are fancy web portals) so this unrevoke thing is out of the question!

I have Rom Manager installed. I had rom manager flash the recovery. I see NO way to get into the recovery... did it work? Can I use rom manager in the same way as I did on my Droid?
Unrevoked tool v2.0 is available for mac os, which has to be used in order to flash a custom recovery. Rom manager will say it flashed but does not stick obviously.