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Thread: otterbox?

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    I love my Otterbox for my Omnia.
    This past summer when we went to the beach I took some photos while in the ocean and some in the pool at the hotel and a few neat ones while under water.
    It took almost a month for it to arrive when I ordered it back in Feb but it was worth it.
    Once the Inc Defender comes out I will be getting one and if it only uses standard battery I'll give up my 2150 and buy a second oem,I trust them so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky9 View Post
    I just got the email for the otter box last thursday. They finished their testing. You can get the "commuter" or the "I will destroy my phone because I run into everything unless i buy this case model"
    I had an otterbox for my BB 8820. IT was awesome dropped in in my sink full of water for a 2 seconds... then broke it down. My bb was completly dry. I was trying to wait for the otterbox but they were too slow so i ended up with the siedo. Not bad... but not as refined as the otterbox i had for my bb. I will probably get the otterbox anyways, I will probably destroy this siedo since i usually am a bull in a china shop full of phones.

    Anyone who got the new otterbox post up pics when you get it.
    Shiat! I alread ripped off the headphones rubber tab on the Siedo... looks like the otterbox order might be ordered a little sooner than previously thought.
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    Could someone tell me if the defender has that crappy stick on screen protector that the storm 2 defenders had? I was looking forward to this coming out, but after my wife ordered the storm 2 case, I'm not so sure.
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    Got an email from Otterbox that a unit for the Incredible was available. Ordered it Saturday and received it yesterday. Looks and works great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattchew86 View Post
    Could someone tell me if the defender has that crappy stick on screen protector that the storm 2 defenders had? I was looking forward to this coming out, but after my wife ordered the storm 2 case, I'm not so sure.
    I just took mine off and put a high quality screen protector on....I'm talking about my old storm.
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    Got my Defender case delivered yesterday for my Inc. I noticed a minor wiggle/rattle in the hard case and followed the tip from another forum of using a cut down business card to fill the gap which seems to be doing the job well. One shouldn't have to do that for a pricey case... It is a bit bulkier overall, but I think well worth the investment/protection.
    No separate screen protector involved.
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    I just got the otterbox commuter and it's pretty slick, a lot of protection.
    haven't put it through it's paces yet but I see good things coming from this case.
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