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Thread: Prepare to get VERY angry with VZW

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    Prepare to get VERY angry with VZW

    Verizon: give us more spectrum, we're gasping over here -- Engadget
    "In a filing to the FCC yesterday, Verizon told regulators that its LTE network will start hitting spectrum limits as soon as next year in some areas of the US, with more areas being affected by 2015."

    But how can this be? LTE has over 10X the bandwidth of 3G. How can they be running into capacity constraints so quickly? Then there's this OTHER article:

    Verizon launches 'faster than wired' broadband for the home -- Engadget
    " Its HomeFusion service aims to replace DSL-connected domiciles, with
    Verizon reckoning its own wireless broadband can offer up better upload and download speeds. According to the Washington Post, the hardware will set potential customers back around $200, but installation costs will be included in the service. The entry-level $60 per month package will net you 10GB of data, "

    On a related note...Offers a bit of perspective for people who think their $30 unlimited plan entitles them to use data anywhere and everywhere for whatever purpose on whatever device they choose. As I've always said, that's not the TOS nor was it priced that way.
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    Yeah, $60 for 10GB a month? I'd burn through that in no time.

    Why pay that when I can get up to 100 megabits per second from local providers already with no data cap? Guess this is VZ's best bet though as it's much cheaper than laying new line for a different medium, but meh, there's better stuff out there.
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