Best Buy Expecting DROID Bionic Cases to Arrive by August 20?

On 07.26.11, In Accessories, News, by Kellex
I know, I know, another DROID Bionic rumor to finish off a day. With most of these turning out to be not-so-reliable, we almost feel like itís the HTC Thunderbolt fiasco all over again. This time though, itís Best Buy at the podium, showing off an 8/20 in-stock date for Bionic cases. Now, this could mean weíll see the device around that date, before or even after! Wow, that was deep and to the point, wasnít it? Actually, we tend to see cases arriving in stores a week or two before the device they support, so letís start focusing in again on the 9/1 date that weíve heard a couple of times now.
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