Source Code for Honeycomb 3.2 Available on AOSP And….

July 15, 2011 By: egzthunder1

It seems that Google is despwrately trying to finalize Honeymoon. The are releasing update after update, each one being better than the next. According to a post made by XDA member nicknowsky the newly released 3.2 update, which was pushed earlier this week to lucky Motorola Xoom owners has been put up in AOSP. The sources meet all the required GPL regulations. Having said that, Google already stated that until Ice Cream Sandwich, the full sources would not be released. Now, on for a little surprise for Transformer owners. According to an official Asus channel, a 3.2 update is being worked on now. Seat tight, the update will come soon.
Please leave some feedback and if you happen to know what do do with the sources, take them for a spin and report your comments.
For anyone whois interested, and anyone ready to start DEV’n with the latest version of Honeycomb.
You can find more information in the original thread.
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Source:XDA Developers