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Thread: Apple Insider spreading Android Propaganda

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    I contacted the guy who wrote the article telling him..

    Where did you get your misinformation from when you wrote that article?
    So much for writing truthful stories.

    This is his response.
    The sources are provided. What facts do you have a problem with, the actual data about sales reported by an analyst?
    I invited him over here to educate us....
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    That would be interesting. I wonder if this guy ever saw the report that Android is now taking approximately 50% of smartphone sales in China, even against Symbian, whose stranglehold there is because of cost. If Android is making headway there, where price is king, how can it POSSIBLY be doing so badly here, where price is no object?
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    Quick hold your phones above your head! The $h!t is gettin real deep and we don't want them to get ruined! Hahaha

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    In the article he states that the information is "based" on US sales information from the said sources. Not to include cheaper phones from other than said companies. They are defusing data to inflate themselves. Like shaving your pubes to make your....umm...yeah.

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