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I need help on how I can change the launcher for my home screen. When I first installed this rom it gave me three choices for the home scene n I want to change it to a different one but I can not find where or how change it any hep would b appericated.
Also when I dock the phone the screen sometimes acts up I I ty to type while it is docked. But other than that this rom is awesome pairs with chevy1 kernels.
Incase you haven't figured this out yet, you can change this by going to "Settings > Application Settings > Manage Applications" (This is what android tells you when you select the check box to always use the selected application). I am now using LauncherPro too (Thanks versusxiii and garrett), I prefer it to the others included.

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Here's a link to the transparent notif. bar, just choose that one out of the pack.
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I downloaded the file in the link provided, however when I to open it with Metamorph, I get an error stating it is invalid because the theme control file is missing or not correctly written. What am I doing wrong?

I believe that you need to change that file to xml format. MM changed some things not to far back and older files will not work anymore. They are suppost to be fairly easy to change to xml but I'm yet to have tried myself.
Hey I'm sorry man, I just saw this. Yes this is done with the older version of MM. I've had some problems with the newer one so I've been using the previous one that seems to be problem free. Here's the link for the conversion program Which changes to xml by danation from the ModMyMoto forum:
4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download ThemeControlFileUpgrader.zip