I've had my droid charge since october 2012 and have not had problems with my pictures before. Yesterday, I took a series of front facing pictures (the screen side, not the back side) and they show up normal for a split second, then are blocked with gray (on the right side of the photo). Not all the pictures I took show up with the gray block but almost half of them did. When I look through my pictures in the gallery, they do not show up with the gray blocked out. But I select them and the gray blocks half of the right side of the photo, it also turns up this way when I attempted to upload it onto my computer.

Is there a way I can un-do the gray blocking? Why is it doing that?

I can only think of it happening because one side of it shot with poor quality and so it blocked out that side (so strange). I think there must be a way around this, especially if I can see the full picture in my gallery view; I should be able to see my full picture when I select it.