I am rooted on Bionic leak 238. My company uses an app called Good Technology to pass corporate emails to personal phones. I want to get the app so I can quit carrying a pos Blackberry and just have one phone instead of two. The only problem is the company will not let me have the app on a rooted phone. I have 3 choices: Pass on the company app, use a Rezound that I have been holding as a spare or unroot. I am still undecided about which way to go but want to learn about unrooting just in case I go that direction.

I have been playing around with the Rezound and it has some pluses but also some minuses. I cannot use Smart Actions since that is a Moto tool. I cannot use Foxfi. I like the blue theme on the Bionic ICS more than the generic look of the Rezound ICS. I am going to toy with is tonight and see if I can make a decision.

In the meantime, I need to learn. Would I go into RSD Lite as if I were on GB?