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Thread: weird booting/not booting problem :-/

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    weird booting/not booting problem :-/

    Ok...this is REALLY odd...I hope someone else has seen this and knows what's going on here.

    A few weeks ago, I flashed my Bionic to .905 - it was the version leaked by the soak testers, not the official OTA, but they're the same. After upgrading, I started to notice an odd behavior. If I shut down my phone, it would just go dead. It wouldn't reboot. It had about 50-60% charge left when I shut it down. I monkeyed with it for about 20 minutes doing various combinations of battery pull/plug/unplug wall charger and eventually got it to do 2 things:

    1) got the red M boot screen, went into "charge mode" and died again
    2) booted normally, and showed 50-60% battery left

    about a week later, I rebooted my phone again and again, it wouldn't come back up. I played with battery pull/plug/unplug charger/remove SIM card, but it wouldn't boot. This time it was after charging all night and was well over 90% when I rebooted. I took it to the Verizon store where the clerk pulled the battery, put it back in, and phone booted! Then we rebooted it several times and it seemed fine. This happened the next day as well...wouldn't boot for me, took it to Verizon and the clerk was able to boot it after a simple battery pull (which didn't work when I did it).

    Next day the same thing happened. At one point, When I plugged in the charger I got the white blinking light, which eventually went solid, but even after several hours in the charger it wouldn't boot. Eventually, I got it to boot with a random combination of battery pulls and charger plugging.

    Next, the ICS leak came out. I figured maybe there was something wrong with the update I had so I SBF's back to .902, updated OTA to .905 and flashed ICS leak 3322. So far, so good...while I was running the root script, on the final reboot the phone died again and wouldn't reboot. I didn't have my charger so I just started doing batter pulls and pushing the power button until about 20 minutes later, the phone booted....and showed plenty of battery left.

    So, every time I reboot my phone I don't now if it's going to come back up of if I'm going to be pulling the battery and rebooting it for the next hour....anyone experience anything like this? I ordered a new OEM battery, but it hasn't gotten here yet, but I'm not sure if this is even a battery issue....

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    I had this problem today. My phone is all "stock", no .905 or anything, I haven't even updated it.

    The clerk tried to reboot it, but when it got past the M screen to the cyborg logo thing, it would freeze until the battery was pulled.

    He took it to the back and when he returned, said he had removed the Advanced Task Killer app, which had been flagged for causing instability.

    Phone worked normally for about 45 minutes, now it's back to the same crap.

    Just now, it showed me a screen that said

    AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure)

    Battery Low
    Cannot Program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    Invalid CG Hab...

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    doesn't sound like the same problem to me. Yours boot loops...sounds more like a bad flash or something's corrupted. I'd try an SBF. With me, it wouldn't even turn on...no red "M" logo, not even backlight.

    In my case (in case someone looks this up in the future) it was a dying battery. The battery wasn't completely bad, but it either stopped reporting it's status corectly, or something like that. Once in a while, by doing a series of battery pulls and attempted boots I WOULD be able to get it booted, but at the next boot, when the phone checks the battery status, it would still be bad. As soon as I installed the new battery, everything went back to normal.


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