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Thread: Media Cutting Out while Bluetooth Connected and Wifi Hotspot are on

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    Media Cutting Out while Bluetooth Connected and Wifi Hotspot are on

    I use a Motorola T505 Bluetooth FM transmitter in my car. When I am playing any media over it (specifically), and I have the stock WiFi Hotspot engaged (also tried it with SVTP WiFi Hotspot - same results), the media will cut in and out every 3 seconds for about 1 to 2 seconds. If I turn off WiFi Hotspot, the media plays fine. If I play it through the phone speaker (with the Bluetooth off) it plays fine.

    Let me clarify what media I've tested this with - Pandora, Tunein Radio, Amazon MP3 cloud player, and local MP3 played through the stock player.

    I am rooted, but not moded, I have the hack engaged for the stock WiFi Hotspot using this method .

    I have a Samsung Droid Charge, and it does not have this issue under the same circumstances.

    Just curious if anyone else has had this problem, and how they got around it. I may try another 3rd party WiFi Hotspot (Other then SVTP, something Adhock). Very frustrating "feature". I am running the .902 Android
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    I'm having the same issue...

    Let me know if you found a solution? I'll do the same. Thanks!
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    It's probably a radio thing. I'm not a networking expert, but under heavy WiFi use you may see degrading bluetooth performance. I've seen this on multiple devices to varying degrees, and there really isn't a fix for it.
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    My bionic will glitch a bit sometimes when i am streaming over bluetooth headphones while surfing. I think it's current related, because it also appears to trip the protection circuit on my p893 portable power station.


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