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I need some help as I can't find where to reset/clear to where I can again have the option of using Youtube or the Web for viewing videos. Previously when using the Browser or Twitter I would be given the option of viewing videos either through the Web or Youtube. Now everything has to be viewed through the Web and no longer have the option to use Youtube. I don't recall ever choosing to default to the Web but I'm guessing that I did. I have gone into Settings-->Applications-->Manage Apps and have looked at my settings under Browser and Twitter but it states no defaults have been set. So I'm hoping that somebody can help and direct me back to where I once again can choose where I can view my videos...Thanks!!

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I don't know if you've resolved this, but I had the same problem recently. With ICS, I went to manage apps and went to the browser that seemed to be the default, scrolled down and hit the clear defaults button. Hope that works for the next person who needs it.