I download Beautiful widgets from Getjar and I'm unsure if this caused the problem. However, after downloading that and receiving updates, all my processes periodically are crashing. I have uninstalled several apps, and erased files using ES File but my phone periodically just shuts off and when it reboots all the apps are back. I have tried system reset and wiped partition cache as well as internal storage and resetting to factory defaults. Nothing happens. It reboots exactly the same way. Nothing has worked. I then tried manually erasing EVERY file to get rid of the problem (after saving a copy to my laptop). Still nothing. I have disabled syncs, still nothing. The problem persists. I have removed battery and SIM, nothing. The phone is unrooted.

Nothing seems to be working. I dont care if I lose everything, I just want my phone back to normal. I would appreciate any assistance as I am not very technically inclined.

PS That Beautiful Widgets never showed up anywhere on my phone

Thanks again