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Thread: Horrendous n/w problems today

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    Horrendous n/w problems today

    Ok, I have been absolutely thrilled with the speed of the device and the n/w until today. I had some driving from East fo Sacramento to North of San Francisco and then into San Francisco.

    The reception on this trip is fine, when I spoke to people in the area they said that Verizon has the best service. I was even in a building with a Verizon network extender.

    Despite this, I had problems with signal all day until I got to SF in the afternoon where things are back to normal. Especially data but also voice. Weird stuff like I have a perfect call on the phone, end the call and immediately dial someone else to be told there is no reception (happened 3-4 times). Tried switching the phone off a few times. After an hour of the same problems, I tried to switch between 3G and 4G, tried to switch the data off, tried to switch to roaming mode. Nothing worked.

    Has anyone seen anything like this or have any suggestions.

    Hope it was a one off because if it's a regular occurance, I will need to return the phone and I love the thing so far.
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    happened to me a few times in my house never had a problem with reception always been good but a few times i went to go use it and it said network not available
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    Same here.

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    I have had the same problem. Phone will be working fine & it will either drop my call or I will hang up & try to call out again & I get the out of network/emergency calls only message. Also the data roaming isnt working right...when I am in the extended network I am constantly getting the Allow Data Access? pop-up. I took my phone into the Verizon store & was told that being a 4G phone & not being in a 4G coverage area that the phone is having problems with the conversion between 4G/3G/Extended network or that it could just be an issue with the phone itself. I have recently switched to Verizon from my local carrier & I cant let go of that account until I am sure that this is going to start working correctly. My daughters phone is thru Verizon & so is my boyfriends & they have no trouble with them. I absolutely LOVE the Bionic but I may have to let it go if Verizon cant figure something out.


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