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Thread: Can anyone shed some light on what happened to me? Droid Bionic Bricked.

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    Can anyone shed some light on what happened to me? Droid Bionic Bricked.

    So, here goes. I was watching Netflix on my Bionic, (Black Snake Moan, great movie), The movie ended, so I left the credits rolling while I hopped in the shower, so that Netflix would show it as finished. When I came back, I noticed that it was stuck on the Eclipse boot screen, frozen in place. From here it only got worse. Reset the battery to get fastboot error screen. As I was trying to fix it, I noticed that it was taking longer and longer to get to the error screen, and eventually the phone became totally bricked, not just soft bricked. The only sign of life is if I pull everything, and re insert everything, and then plug in the charger, my indicator LED shows for about 5 or so seconds. White. Does anyone have any idea of what could have happened? I have had literally no trouble before that with the ROM.

    Anyways, since it is totally bricked, VZW is sending me a replacement, but If I can somehow wipe it clean of my meddling, that would be nice. Just a little bit of CMA.
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    I had the same symptoms, but from me screwing it up. Sorry I can't answer how things like what you had happen, but it's easy to fix if it happens with your new phone. I think the first question is how much battery do you have left. If you have a considerable amount meaning 25% or more you should be good to go so that you can flash it back to stock. you should be able to get your phone back to life within about 10 min. that's if you already have the fxz file, if not however long it takes you to download that + 10 min or so. That's alot easier that waiting on Big Red to get you a phone. Just my opinion.
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    Was the phone in that bathroom while you were showering? The steam from the shower could have shorted your device.
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    Typically when I get this error, I let the phone drain all the way down --always a bad practice with these batteries-- and have it plugged in with USB. I would try plugging it in to a charger that puts out more current. USB or car chargers can possibly send the phone the correct amount of voltage, with less amperage. If the phone is dead enough, the current is consumed before a charge is applied to the battery.

    Plug it in overnight, into the wall, with a good charger. Typically computers output 500mA over USB. Read your charger to make sure it is more than that. The bionic charger comes stock as a 850mA at 5.1V. I would aim for between 850mA+. The bionic will not pull more than 850mA, by design. As long as the voltage ~5.1V, you should not damage your phone.

    Leave it plugged in and off overnight. Turn it on in the morning. Try not to let it get below 50 or so percent as a rule. (I suck at obeying that rule), but it may help you.
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