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Thread: Odd Behavoir After Re-Flash

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    Odd Behavoir After Re-Flash

    Ya know, weirdest thing never saw this before having flashed my DX a million (yes a million!) times. After trying out theory for a few days i decided to go check out liberty and like i always do I sbf, well fx-whatever in bionics case. I ran the full restore, yes the big one, I like to make sure its factory fresh, and when the phone finally booted theory was gone but all my settings and apps were all there! Everything, widgets and all. I was no longer rooted though. I don't get it, all user data was still intact. Anyone care to enlighten why its different than sbf'ing a DX and what the proper procedure is to REALLY reset to factory fresh. Thanks. Oh, I did end up using the internal factory reset through the settings, privacy menu then re-rooted then restored my nandroid. Really curious as to why the full method through RSD didn't wipe everything. Thanks
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    the full file does not erase /data. SO therefor all of your settings/widgets would remain intact.


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