Upgraded to .901 yesterday and installed KIN3TX's custom ROM. Loving the battery life and am now at the 22MB down and 15-18MB up! (Love the Chicago LTE network)
This is my first Motorola Android Phone(had 2 previous HTC Android phones) - All have been rooted

Now that I am on a custom ROM I am missing some of the stock Widgets from the stock ROM (bonehead move and forgot to back up the stock .901 ROM before flashing... Dumb mistake). I was hoping either someone could help me out here. I would either like to see if someone has the stock APKs in a flashable file already out there somewhere (googled like crazy and no luck as of yet), or if there is a true stock .901 ROM out there to flash?

Thank you guys for any help provided and yes any thanks will be offered up if helped!

Also.... New to DroidFroums and have enjoyed the past few days of reading. Good to see a group of users that are not fighting half the time!