I have a non malicious need for changing my bluetooth address. I've been researching it and it has been done on the Atrix. The file bt_bdaddr contains the Atrix's MAC address and can be edited. It's not stored in the same location on the Bionic and I've combed through root over and over and cannot find it. I've also tried to view every configuration file that I came across that sounded anything like bluetooth, but nothing seemed to store the address itself. I even began opening .bin files in a hex editor, but this is really about as far as my knowledge goes. I'm extremely savvy, but never crossed the bridge into programming, so I'm in unknown territory here.

Does anyone know how to do this or where bt_bdaddr is stored? I also assume that it could likely be impossible without an unlocked bootloader as well since it likely assigns this value at boot. I'd be happy to know that as well so I can stop looking.

Here is the link to instructions for doing this with the Atrix:
Motorola Atrix 4G: How to Change Wi-Fi and BT MAC

Thanks in advance!