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Thread: Droid Bionic Lapdock

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddial View Post
    Does anyone know if the Lapdock 100 will be different in any way other than 1.5 inches smaller on the display and a nicer looking keyboard? I'm assuming that the Bionic lapdock will not be compatible with the Razr/Spyder coming out tomorrow either? I'm within my 14 days and wondering if I should send it back.
    The Bionic lapdock is only for the Bionic, but the Lapdock 100 is supposed to be compatible with not only the Bionic, but future Droids as well. That's the reason I'm holding off until that's released. I'm happy with my Bionic (I better be, it's waaaay too late to take it back for me), so I wanna wait till the Lapdock 100 comes out before I decide if I want that accessory.
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    I have the Bionic lapdock and I don't use it like I thought I would. I've only used it once when I took a vacation to a 4g area. I would like to sell it if anyone is interested?
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    My sole purpose behind getting the bionic was to get the lapdock as well. I have a mega tower at home, and instead of getting a tablet that I would get aggravated at if i wanted to type a report or email. With the lapdock I take it where I want when I want have full access to all the files I need via my bionic, and best part I think is that it keeps a good charge not only for my bionic but the lapdock as well... The only thing I wish I could do with it that I can't is video calls.. I guess they weren't thinking about webcam capabilities when they built it.. Over all top of the line tablet out there is the toshiba in my book, dual processor, 1gb ram, Android os, what does it have that my bionic and lapdock Don't?

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    the issue isnt specs, more so the operating systems. the android tablets are running one system that is optimized for small devices will minimal RAM. the webtop app is a second system sharing ram with android. there are hacks to make it better but some days wish it ran ice cream sandwich onlyand switched from phone to tablet os when docked in lapdock
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