I've got a Droid4 / VZW that recently received notice of this bugfix firmware pushed out OTA. The existing firmware is 98.72.18.XT894.Verizon.en.US and I've been attempting to update it to 98.72.189.XT894.Verizon.en.US *but* every time I click "Download" it begins to download but then fails (says that it cannot properly validate the file).

My phone is rooted and I have backed it up fully with Titanium - I also have SuperuserSU and the Voodoo keeproot software on the phone.

When I called VZW about this issue, they escalated it up to level 2 and that person then contacted someone at Motorola who basically told me that because my phone was rooted they would not be able to help.

The phone continues to post up the nag screen saying that I need to update the firmware, do I want to download / install now or later? So I keep saying Download only to have it fail.

Backing up a bit- earlier, I didn't want to research whether this update was going to be an issue for my rooted phone, so I renamed the update.zip file to update.zip.bak (after finding that in a forum as a way to stop the nag screen- but it didn't- and now I cannot find that update.zip.bak file anymore to try to rename it back to update.zip if it even still exists on the phone).

I guess I need to either figure out how to get the update file onto the phone and execute it (now that I've backed up the phone and prepared the phone to keep root) *or* I need to freeze the updater app that is giving me this nag screen and be done with it.