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Thread: Well supported large micro SD Cards

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    Cool Well supported large micro SD Cards


    I have been on an adventure with my XT894 lately. Originally I got my phone with the stock ICS on it and purchased a sandisk 4 gig old sdcard for it. It worked great.

    I then decided that I wanted to replace my mp3 player with a large sd card in my phone and life would be awesome. This is where the trouble started

    I purchased a 64 GB Sandisk Ultra card, formatted it with Linux (mkfs.vfat), copied my MP3s to it, plopped it in my stock ICS droid 4, booted it and it locked pretty
    solid. It did this amazing thing when I hit the power button of animating the reduce/collapse of the main widget so incredibly slowly that it looked like it was dieing
    a horrible death.

    I decided that maybe the stock ICS didn't like my card, so I rooted, SS'd, and moved to Eclipse 1.5.2, which is an AWESOME rom, and my card worked a tiny bit
    better. It could sometimes start playing music before the device died a horrible death by slowness.

    Yesterday I unrooted/un SS/factory reset/installed OTA JB update/rooted/SS/installed eclipse JB 1.0.3, and thought that maybe now with the new kernel and
    new stuff I could use my nicer card. Nope.

    In the past, I have formatted the card in Linux with different options (various sector sizes). I have formatted it in Windows (quick, full, etc). I have tried different partitions (ext{2,3,4}, vfat,
    combinations), I have done everything I can think of and followed lots of various posted ideas, but none have worked completely.

    I have googled the snot out of this issue and I know I am very much not alone. This issue appears to affect many brands/models of phones and many brands/models of cards. Mostly
    people seem to want to blame class 10 cards, which mine is. I know that Google and several of the manufacturers are aware of the issues, but that
    doesn't help me right now.

    So my question is; does anyone have experiance with a micro sd card that is 32 or 64 gb that actually works reliably in the XT894? Did I somehow miss a resouce that has more information on this?

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. Thanks for all the awesome help you guys give. I have been a long time lurker, as I have never needed to ask anything since most posts cover everything I have ever needed. Oh and thanks
    to myfishbear for the eclipse series of roms. I love them!
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    I've been using one of these for the last 6 months without a problem.

    Sandisk Mobile Ultra 32GB Class 10:

    SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card SDSDQUI-032G-A11 - Best Buy
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    Interesting. That is the 32 gig version of mine. Maybe the 64 is just too much


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