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Thread: Failed fastboot to ICS from JB

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    Failed fastboot to ICS from JB

    Hey everyone,

    So I messed up big time here: I recently got the JB update, rooted, and messed with something I should not have (without backing up) and ran into a boot loop.
    I attempted to fastboot back to ICS, and it obviously failed while flashing. (now I realize that was a mistake, I knew you could not fastboot from GB -> ICS, so I do not know why I did not realize the same with JB -> ICS)

    I know there is no SBF files for JB yet, which makes unbricking my phone an issue.

    Does anyone have any solutions on how I can unbrick my phone? (there is a solution for the razr, but I doubt that it would work for me)
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    I'm in the same boat here, I think I may have figured it out. I downloaded the d4 fxz file, and extracted it. I also downloaded the utility that is mentioned in that razr thread that you linked.
    I unzipped that.

    I then replaced all the razr files in that razr utility with files from the droid4 fxz. and I edited the batch file and replaced RAZRSafestrap-ICS-2.11.apk with Droid4Safestrap-ICS-2.11.apk.

    I have now booted into stock recovery, and I'm attempting to install the Jellybean OTA. We'll see how this goes.

    TBH, it looks like this script is just a fancy way of editing the xml file that is in our droid4 fxz. Remove the lines where the thing fails. For example, step 6/17 fails at cdt.bin
    so I removed the following line from the XML file. then ran RSD lite like i normally would.

    <step operation="flash" partition="cdt.bin" filename="cdt.bin" MD5="3560db7df2164e13af6ee64c2b36dd11" />

    It then failed at some other step, I forget which. But I removed the corresponding line from there.

    Hope this helps lol
    While droidforums gets to know me, here's the experience that I am here to offer: linux enthusiast for 9 years / tech support for a RDBMS for a few years / former honda-tech.com knowledge article creation and site moderator / senior [student] in mechanical engineering
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    Fastboot 4.1.2 files for the Droid 4 are now available. Fixed my problems.

    Droid-Developers SBF


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