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Thread: Odd problem with my Droid 4 NEED help

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    Angry Odd problem with my Droid 4 NEED help

    Okay so whenI try to text someone, my physical keyboard will do this weird thing and it's been doing it once in awhile but it's annoying. Example, I tried to text my girlfriend when I hit "M" I was TRYING to spell a word and it shortcut straight to my mP3 player, I turned it off and on again and it knocked it off after that. But today I tried to spell something that started with the letter "G" and it took me to GMail and it kept doing this. I turned it off and on again and it appears to stop but I don't want to keep doing this, I want my phone to just stop it, period. Why is it doing that? And what can I do to make it quit? I called tech support and well they weren't very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.
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    similar problem

    ON my DROID 4 after I text someone it sends an automatic text message "In a meeting" this is also a replacement that i got like 3 days ago. I thought it was a Smart Action but i checked it and i even disabled all of the Smart Actions but it wasn't that. I think I'm gonna have to Factory Reset it. I'm not sure.
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    Hey there! I've had several phones in the Droid Series and I've noticed this issue on all of them, and it's nothing serious. Truthfully the best solution is to reboot your phone. The longer your phone is turned on and the more processes run the more bogged down it gets. My phone will sometimes ignore my input and act randomly. Just reboot when this happens, it cleans your system out in a sense.

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    Kind of sounds like the Quick Launch feature is turned on. Go to Menu/Settings/Applications/Quick Launch to see what I mean. There are keyboard shortcuts you can set up to access apps like you have described. That may be the problem.
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    and how do you turn it off?!? I do not have anything in Menu/Settings/Applications/Quick Launch (I have "Apps" but no Quick Launch). And, no, turning the phone off is not acceptable! And it kind of is serious. I was in a rush this morning and needed to get something sent before I left this morning (I ride a motorcycle so I cant TXT and drive), and I didn't have time to wait around for my phone to reboot. I did, and I was late, so, yeah, it is serious.

    Quote Originally Posted by GigaJake View Post
    The longer your phone is turned on and the more processes run the more bogged down it gets. My phone will sometimes ignore my input and act randomly. Just reboot when this happens, it cleans your system out in a sense.
    I was under the impression that the android system does not do this. I read a ton of posts that get mad if you say you use an app killer saying that these are no longer needed. I felt like I needed them even if it was just a placebo, but it is looking like we really DO need something to clean out the system. Isnt there some app that can reboot your phone without having to be rooted?
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    I really want to know the answer to this question too. I have the exact same issue and there is no "Quick Launch" under the app menu for me.

    I'm getting sick and tired of having to turn my phone on and off for it to stop using the short cut keys.


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