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Thread: Bluetooth connected, but notificaitons sound through device speaker.

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    Bluetooth connected, but notificaitons sound through device speaker.

    I have an LG bluetooth headset, and a MOTO bluetooth headset, and when connected to the Droid 4 and a notification such as text received or email received sounds, it does not come through the headset, but through the device speaker. This is annoying as I am listening to music while working and want to have my droid be silent to those around me, but still know when I receive an email or message, or calendar reminder or .....

    Anyone know how to fix this stupid oversight, or which group would address it best? Is this a failing of the operating system or the application? The Droid 1 had the same issue and I complained about it several times, but never seemed to get any traction in getting it fixed.

    The thing is, I want it to work the exact same way it would if I have a wired headset plugged into the device. Then all notifications come through the buds in my ears, and not over the speakers. Why is this so hard?

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    This is evidently Genious design. My OG did this and so does my Bionic. But a bump and tag in case someone has a solution
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    Not a bug, but a feature. Even does it with physical headphones plugged in, although the device sound is about 10% of the one you hear in your headphones.
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    I too would love to know if there's a fix for this.

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