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Thread: Eclipse JB for Droid 4

  1. Master Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwood129 View Post
    If I remember correctly I did that with one of my 2 phones and it worked just fine.

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    If anyone is wondering I just rebooted to stock, updated to 3.53, and was able to reboot into Eclipse. So it works.

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    How's the future development going for this ROM? I'm curious to see what kind of features we can look forward to.
  3. Droid Newbie
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulci View Post
    Video Hangouts do not work for me... it creates a lot of graphical tearing and popping sounds. However, Skype works just fine. What could be the issue?
    i seem to be having the same problem. Have you found a fix at all? mine doesnt work over wifi or 4g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdilts View Post
    How's the future development going for this ROM? I'm curious to see what kind of features we can look forward to.
    I'm with Link, I don't wanna see Eclipse dieeeee! At least not quite ​yet...
  5. Droid
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    im not trying to hi-jack any conversation right now, but im trying to do the "finer volume adjustment" mod, and im having difficulty.

    i have the framework.jar file opened, and i have the appropriate file inside that opened. i am having difficulties trying to find the proper line to edit. i am trying to follow this guide, but no avail yet.

    any idea which exact line i have to edit, because i have been searching for a while, and cannot find remotely what he is talking about in the screenshot.

    thank you for the ROM, it is wonderful!

    EDIT: i did figure it out, the directions got a little bit confusing.

    i highly recommend this mod to anybody though, it creates finer steps in the volume control...instead of 15 steps between min-max volume, i now have 40. (you can choose which profiles you wish to edit also, media, notifications, system, ringer, voice, etc.
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    I'm not too sure if this is a problem with the ROM, but overclocking doesn't seem to function properly.

    If you adjust a frequency stepping, it does not get used. ie: if I change the first 300mhz step to 450mhz, the cpu will idle at the second frequency step (600mhz). If I change the 1200mhz frequency step to 1300mhz - it will use the one below it at full load (1000mhz), so any sort of overclock will actually underclock the device. It doesn't seem to matter what I set the frequencies to. Keep them at their regular frequencies and only adjust voltage - no issues, it'll always use 1.2ghz. You can get an overclocked benchmark, but after a short period (once) it'll no longer use the adjusted frequency.

    I'm using the interactivex govenor if that matters.
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