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Thread: Google Maps

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    Question Google Maps

    I travel a good bit for work and pleasure and I would like to use my phone for providing GPS directions. For some of my frequent destinations I would like to use specific routes. For example when making a trip to Philadelphia I prefer to go up through
    Delaware instead of going through DC.

    I tried using Chrome to Phone. I used the link and hit the navigation button, but my phone still wants to take me through DC.

    What I would really like to be able to is save specific routes to certain people.
    Is this possible?
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    The way I do it is set up a route on Google Maps on a PC web browser and save it. (make sure you are logged in with your Google ID) I put in the way points that I want. (a point in Delaware for you) Then I can open that map on the phone and navigate from the start to the way point, then way point to end. Seems I read that with a recent update, saving a route on the PC would more seamlessly transfer to the phone, but I have not tried it
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