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Thread: Anyone else have this happen while disabling the lockscreen? Please share!

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    Anyone else have this happen while disabling the lockscreen? Please share!

    I have a hunch this is common to all of us with a Droid IV: that if you use any app or widget that can totally disable the lockscreen (i.e., no lock, power control plus), it affects the orientation switch under the following circumstances:

    1. When you are on any screen on landscape mode, turn off the screen and make sure the phone's closed (keyboard tucked in),
    2. While the screen is off, flip the phone to portrait mode and then turn screen back on.
    3. Now you should see the problem: the screen will remain in landscape mode -- unless you do something to snap it out of it (like tilting both ways or opening and closing the physical keyboard).

    I know it's not a life or death issue, but I'd like to be as certain as possible that there's nothing wrong with the phone itself (while I can still exchange it). I've owned a Droid I, II, and III, and have never had this happen with either of them.

    Sharing your experience would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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    I do not have a widget to disable the lockscreen and suspect my comment is moot because of this but: I just tried this using the Weather Channel app and the resident calendar (separately), opening these in landscape with the keyboard closed. I turned the screen off and turned the phone to portrait then turned the screen on again, unlocked and each time the apps were in portrait mode.
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    i just tried both the applications you noted for diabling the lock screen and neither of them cause a total lock of landscape. Now if i follow your procedure and test it the screen come on in landscape even though the phone is in portrait but after about .5-.75 seconds the screen auto rotates "with out" me rotating the phone. but it also works the other way as well if I shut the screen off in portrait mode and rotate to landscape and turn the screen back on it come up initially as portrait and then auto rotates to landscape.


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