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Thread: Considering D3->D4 upgrade

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    Considering D3->D4 upgrade

    I got a flier in the mail today, letting me know that i can upgrade to any Verizon 4G smartphone for $100 off with 2 year upgrade. I've had the Droid 3 since about August, and wondering if it's worth getting the Droid 4.

    I do live in a market with 4G coverage, before you ask.

    One of my biggest concerns is that the Droid 4 does not have a removable battery - is there any type of interrupt sequence? i know Droid 1/2/2g all responded to alt+shift+del. Droid 3 does not respond to this, and I've had to pull my battery a few times because the phone wouldn't respond.

    It seems like most of the specs are the same between D3 and D4, with the only notable exceptions being D4 is 4g and D3 is "global".

    I also like the keyboard layout of the D4 a bit better, and i know it has a better processor (1.2 ghz dual core TI OMAP vs. D3's 1GHz dual core OMAP) and more ram (1024 mb vs 512) but i'm not sure if it's $100 worth of "better".
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    ram is a nice upgrade. But I'd have to say the MAXX is the best you can get when you compare options. Best phone I've ever had. btw 2 years ago coming from bb bolds and touch pro-2 I bearly miss the keyboard. I never thought I could go with out one...
    The MAXX is great in sunlight but I had the Photon 4g with the pentile screen and that was insane in the sunlight (the D4 has a pentile)
    Not trying to push the MAXX but charging the phone only at night is a dream and everything works unlike my 2 galaxy 2s that were pos's
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    D3 to D4 is absolutely worth it.

    The keyboard is way better. And I thought the D3 keyboard was amazing. The difference in 4g vs 3g is stunning. It's like wifi fast. The size is comparable and in practical terms is the same.

    The other really cool benefit to 4g is that you can talk and browse at the samme time. It used to be a minor nusiance but it is super cool to be able to do that.

    Definitely worth the hondo.
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    I've said it many times. The only change I would make in a 4G market is to the Maxx.

    Although the non removable battery is a killer.

    The hard reboot sequence is power+volume up IIRC on the non removable Motorola phones.

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    I got the same flier as well. Feature wise the D4 is what I wanted, except for the non-removable battery, but I ended up settling for the D3 in Sep. due to my D1 having issues.

    For those that say they'd rather have the Maxx, why? Is the battery in the regular Razr and D4 that lacking? Should I expect to not be able to make it a day with my normal usage.

    Overall I don't have an urge to upgrade, but the $30 upgrade fee starting Sunday has me thinking and not having to wait for web pages to load is tempting. I have the extended battery in the D3 now and am able to get a good day's use out of it and not really need to charge until I get into work the next day. I generally throw it on the charger at midnight and take it off at 7; sometimes I forget to charge it at night.

    My normal usage:
    I stream music off the internet during my commute for about 1.25 hours each day. I have two Gmail accounts and one Exchange account that is set for Push; Exchange goes to every 15 min per the build-in Data Manager. Talk time each day is < 30 min. Some text messages here and there. 15 minutes of a game; right now it's Angry Birds. I also average using navigation once a week without a charger, but I can hook one up when needed. Brightness is set to automatic, WiFi is off, and BT is off. I'll start using BT when my Pebble arrives.

    So do you think the D4 can handle this type of usage without needing a charge until the next morning or should I just stick with my D3 until they can come out with a physical keyboard Droid with an LTE modem that doesn't suck down the battery?
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    If you don't require a keyboard, look into a MAXX or wait for the RAZR HD. Otherwise, the DROID4 is the perfect upgrade.


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