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Thread: My battery saving settings

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    My battery saving settings

    I created this thread to share my battery saving settings, and hopefully get some input from others. If anyone has suggestions, or if underclocking is bad for the phone, please let me know! When I had my Epic 4G, I would have an extra battery in my pocket and one in my car. But we don't have that luxury with the Droid 4

    3G only
    Smartactions turns of data and WiFi when my screen is off.
    SetCPU is on demand between 300mhz and 1200mhz
    SetCPU is set to 300mhz when my screen is off
    SetCPU will stay between 300-600mhz when my battery is less than 25 percent

    I don't use WiFi because I want to get a feel for Verizon's data speeds (I just joined Verizon from Sprint) But, i will try using WiFi most of the day today and share my findings.

    My battery saving settings-screen_20120303_1837.pngMy battery saving settings-screen_20120303_1836.png


    I notice a little bit of lag, but nothing to ruin the experience of the phone. Over 80% of the time, my phone is operating at 600mhz or less.

    The screenshot above is actual usage (not overnight). The nice thing is that I don't have to make sure my phone is plugged in overnight because it doesn't use much power when it is not being used (at 300mhz with no data)

    Edit 2:

    Here it is using WiFi today. First, I let WiFi stay on the entire time... but then I changed it to shut off when the screen is off, just like 3G.

    My battery saving settings-screen_20120304_2003.pngMy battery saving settings-screen_20120304_2003_2.png

    My battery life is a lot better with these settings. I used my phone normally today (mostly texting). I will have a better feel for how these settings will work for me after a full day at work tomorrow (where I don't use WiFi).

    The only thing that might be annoying for some people is the 3-6 seconds it takes to turn on data/WiFi when you turn the screen on... but I think it is worth it.
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    how do you get wifi to disable itself when the screen goes off?
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    I have the Cm rom so i dont have smart actions, is there another waay?


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