I went to the nearby Verizon store this morning to do some further looking. The Droid 4 was pretty good, and it would be a phone that I would be happy to have. HOWEVER, I also looked at the Droid Razr Maxx. IT BLEW ME AWAY. I was trying to find something wrong with it so I could reasonably go back to the Droid 4, but I couldn't. I don't care about losing the keyboard since it comes with Swype. I was afraid it would be too thin, but it still felt sturdy when I was holding it. The screen difference...there's no debate which one is better. I'm going to do some research, but assuming everything checks out, I'm going with the Razr Maxx and the decision wasn't close at all. If I can find a good deal on it, I'm getting it today.

So, I'm going to take my discussion over to that forum now, but that you for your input. It helped when I was looking at the phones today.