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Thread: Droid 4 Specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Htown315 View Post
    My guess is if a tool is required then its most likely not meant to be swapped daily. Just my 2cents.
    Makes sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Htown315 View Post
    My guess is if a tool is required then its most likely not meant to be swapped daily. Just my 2cents.
    Posted elsewhere:

    OK. I think I'm starting to be able to piece together this battery puzzle. True polymer batteries are super, except they have to stay really hot to work well. The D4 will use a foil pouch Lithium-hybrid polymer design. As such it has no significant performance advantage over regular Lithium ion batteries. What makes it useful in a handheld device is that it can be made really skinny. Since the hybrid battery is soft, you can break it. That's one reason to lock it away. Another reason is that polymer hybrid Li-ion batteries are more prone to gassing, so Motorola may have felt that double covers would better resist its ballooning tendencies. However, nobody wants a battery you can't replace yourself, especially since Lithium batteries are known to start to degrade after a year or so, even if not in use. So we get a key and instructions on how to - carefully! - install a new battery when the original gets too weak. That new battery may be expensive since it's a new technology in low production.
    Essentially, this is all being done just to make the phone a tad skinnier. There is no other performance benefit to the user. And you lose the ability to "just pull the battery" to reset the phone when it freezes or you're stuck trying to root it.
    This is mostly supposition but it is consistent with what we do know.

    Perspective instantiates reality.
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    Wtf this makes me real mad I just got the Droid 3 global today.

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