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Thread: Cases for the Droid 4 SUCK

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    Angry Cases for the Droid 4 SUCK

    Look, I understand it's becoming increasingly more difficult to make cases for slide out phones. You have to protect the back as well as the front using nothing but tiny clips that have to fit between the sliders. The Droid 4 is also a relatively unpopular device so there's only a fraction of cases compared to the iPhone series and the majority of high end cases are all sold out with no plans to make more.

    But guys, I've just got to say this: Cases for the Droid 4 SUCK!

    I'm really OCD when it comes to protecting my phone, and there are a lot out there that would argue a case isn't even necessary but I'm going to throw one on there anyways. But practically every single case I've tried is just terrible. Downright unusable in my opinion.

    The clips that hook the case on to your phone are tiny and fragile, I get that. There's really no other way around it. But at least 75% of all cases (and I've tried a lot) automatically have a clip that doesn't even reach high or far enough to clip onto the device. Right out of the box the case has a defect and a corner that isn't secure . The whole thing can come off easier now. Had I been using the case and this happened with wear and tear (been there, done that) I wouldn't be so mad. But right off the bat?! Did you people make these based off of a model or were you just kinda spitballing here?

    I've gone through at least 3 Otterboxes, most of which the front plate wouldn't stay on because of wear and tear leaving me with a stockpile of back plates that make the phone look stupid without a matching front. I'm pretty sure you can't buy these off of Otterbox's website because they don't make them anymore. So sorry to anyone who was looking to buy one, I destroyed them all. The last one I had snapped in half after a single fall from about four feet. And these are the only cases that fit every time guaranteed! So if you want to replace it, it's another 40~50 bucks out of your pocket.

    I had one case I got relatively cheap off of amazon that was the worst of them all. The front plate, straight out of the box, had a clip that wasn't secure so the whole thing was flexing and easy to fall off. The back plate on the other hand, was so freaking secure I literally had to break it to get it off. That would have been an impressive quality if the set actually worked!

    Currently I just received a dual-shield case in black and white. These are more of your top end ones and most of them are sold out. Straight out of the box, one of the back plate clips doesn't fit and I'm left with nothing but frustration and a hole in my wallet.

    I guess take this as a learning experience that if you plan to get a case, don't waste your time or money. At this point in the Droid 4's lifespan it's way beyond hope.
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    The grippy, rubberized case for the Droid 4 from Verizon isn't terrible. I just checked on their website, and they call it the "Snap-on Silicone Gel Cover", and it still shows up in the accessory list as available if you're ordering a Droid 4 online. There should be some place to find one on the website that doesn't force you to order a new phone. lol!

    At least it fits, and offers some small degree of protection. Of course the phone ends up being the size of a patio block after installation, but it's no worse than the typical size of an Otterbox, and between myself and the several users I support who chose the Droid 4, I haven't had one of that style cases break, yet. So, I'd say it's a case that sucks much less than the ones you've encountered. Still not a glowing review, but hey... At least it's only $20.

    ETA: found link:
    Snap On Silicone Gel Cover for Motorola Droid 4 | Verizon Wireless
    You probably want to change the color to black. I have no idea who'd want the bright purple one.
    Last edited by ilwrath; 01-29-2013 at 08:23 AM. Reason: add link
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    Why do I feel like i'm the one being scolded here? Haha

    Anyway, i've only used one case.


    I've been using this 2 days after I got my D4. It has been a while now and it is still in good condition. Dropped the D4 multiple times and the back and front protector did their job. It hasn't snapped at all.

    I've dropped my D4 from a cafe bar, a long drop. Dropped when I suddenly got an urge to play paper basketball in the kitchen. I have forgotten that my pj's pocket is shallow and once I lift off for my jump shot, D4 flew off. Mind you not that the floor were tiles. Multiple drops around the house. My baby godson also grabbed and threw my D4, good thing it only hit boxes and the floor was carpet.

    After all that, it is still going strong.
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    The gel cover from Verizon Is not too bad. It has a different kind of skin that is not so tacky/sticky. It doesn't get all funky from being in my pocket.


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