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Maybe I'm just used to the attention that D1 got and amazingly still gets as far as roms.
All in all it just seems like with the way the android industry is moving, we will likely start seeing some less popular devices getting a cold shoulder from developers. I'm afraid that D3 might fall into that group that is quickly left behind.
D3 is an extremely popular phone right now and from what I've seen is actually getting a LOT of attention for the incredibly UNDERHYPED phone that it is. This is the only QWERTY dual-core TI OMAP phone out there as far as I know and it's getting really big with IT people and geeks right now. On top of that... TI OMAP is going to be the mainstream preferred cpu platform going forward so the Droid 3 lucks out there again.

You know who is REALLY screwed? Atrix owners... ouch. I would not wanna be caught dead with a Tegra phone right now. Talk about buyer's remorse.