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There is a way back, I just went through it myself.

its well partially back, its the sbf for the older version but has the few files from the 906 update you cannot flashback.

if you get stuck I can try to help.

took me a few days of searching but found files I needed then replaced them in the sbf I used twice now to start over clean each time I switch different ics roms

pm me if you need help. sorr its not my work or sbf file so I rather not host it, but i can explain what I did and how to make it all work for you.
Hey how did you remove Fastboot? I wanted to put Steeldroid on my phone and tried using the fastboot method but it failed and now every time my phone boots it goes into AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Flast Failure). I can get by this but I want to remove it and start over so I can try a different ROM.

I had droid3 root installed and CWM, I tried using them first to get roms installed but they didn't work. They were able to root my phone though.

I'm new to doing this and really just follow whatever instructions I find lol. I was able to get Steeldriod on my phone but it was just installed on top of all the blaotware verizon had in there. So I was stuck with all that crapware and still not able to tether. So I restored my back up but now I'm stuck with that Fastboot screen every time I restart the phone.

Can you help me get rid of that and put a better ROM on my phone? I really can't stand verizons crapware. I had CM7 on my original Droid3 but the keyboard broke and they sent me a refurb. Now i'm stuck with 906. I was not able to use my camera with CM7, do you know if CM9 works on the Driod3?

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Thanks for the help!