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Thread: Moto Droid 3: Unlock Global Mode VZW

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc6wke View Post
    I had the same issue with the usb cable. I tried 3 different ones and would not connect to the pc. You have to get the factory motorola cable. That is what Verizon tech support stated. I got a motorola cable from ebay and problem solved.
    Thank you for the input, I will find my factory cable. I have one with the tag on it, 4 foot cord.. I hate short cords. Need to get a usb extension for that one of that turns out to be the issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaroni View Post
    Okay, fair enough. But in the case of the D2 the replacement kernel (generally for overclocking) also served to UnBlock the sim card. I have the replacement kernel and overclock files on hand and have not had a chance to install due to a new usb connectivity issue. May have to unroot and send it in on warranty. It's not the ROM, have also tried it under the Stock ROM (de-odexed version). In any case, it treats my usb port as a charger plug................ very annoying.
    Hey!! I'm New To The Forum, But i Have a D2G, And Want To Know Whether the voltage kernel Really Did Unlock the GSM Sim Slot Of the D2 That You Have?? If Yes, Can You Please Pm me A Link to The Files Needed To Flash The Custom ROM With The Voltage Kernel??? Will Be Really Very Grateful To You If You Can Help!!!
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    droid 3 is a global phone and rins on CDMA and GSM so y would you be haveing a problems whit it working off the VZW network like out of the us and as far as the useing the global my phone is in global all the time as for PagePlus it is just a resller of VZW just like the Service wallmart does so just get a pepay SIM CARD and you need to call VZW to add the use of going out of the us to your line or get a SIM for a GSM Service

    Quote Originally Posted by dmaroni View Post
    I bought the phone off of Ebay from a verizon customer a month after they had gotten it from their upgrade. I am currently attached to a company called page plus cellular. They rent out space on verizon towards and their service runs off of verizon phones. Anywhere in the US I am fine with the CDMA limitation, because there are plenty of choices, PagePlus I believe to be the best available at the moment.

    However, I am traveling to Europe for an extended period of time and need the gsm to be functional. The usb has always worked fine before. I am curious if the Maverick Beta Rom may have already unlocked the SIM card block by removing the bloatware that controls it, but this is untested and I am trying to make sure it works before I spend the money on the SIM card and Service. I am being as descriptive as possible in every aspect, please advise.
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    I got my locked D3 off local Craigslist from a former Verizon customer. I paid six bucks at unlock4moto, and I think there are similar code sellers all over eBay. I got the code in 30 minutes and it worked to remove the SIM card lock. If you do this much, you should be able to use GMS carrier SIM cards outside the USA. If you want to use it on AT&T or T-Mobile in the USA, go look in xda's D3 forums for a tutorial. You can flash the radio.img from the XT883 and use a modified build.prop file to remove Verizon's USA carrier lock. I'm on T-Mobile right now with mine. The only real downside is on T-Mobile I only get 2G until they refarm my area.
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