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Thread: [GUIDE]TBH inspired Free wireless tethering hack instructions for Droid 3

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    Had some issues on a droid 2 using TBH zip files. The hot spot worked, but nothing would connect to it. Icould see it on labtop/pc and it would connect...just no data was going through. Tried...using internet on the phone to kick start it, nothing.
    so i applied the radiocomm hack on the droid 2, which is running liberty latest rom.
    Applied using the same settings as the droid 3 one and while it does still take a while, it actually connects and long story short; it's all gravy.
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    Did this hack quite a while back on my girlfriends phone and it had been working good till recently.
    It no longer works, i can no longer make calls, send texts or get data access.

    Not sure what has happen. My girlfriend said she had been having problems for a few months with poor reception, dropped calls, text messages not being sent etc.

    Yesterday she was using it for talk and text and her calls were being dropped after a period of time or not going through. Most of her texts werent being delivered. Last night and now this morning i cant get it to make a call, send a text, browse the web or receive emails.

    Weird thing is i see that she got 2 emails from her Gmail account overnight.

    I did try turning on the hotspot right now and i was able to connect to it with my laptop. Laptop said i had a great connection, phone said it was connected, but i couldnt get on the web.

    So it sounds like maybe the radio may be on its way out or having sporadic issues.
    Im thinking of reversing this hack to see if that makes a difference.
    Could an OTA update from Verizon cause this?
    Anyone else see anything similar with their D3?

    Edit: Right after posting this, i got a test email i had sent 20 minuets ago to her Gmail account and i now have data access. Phone and text is still not working. I show 3G and 4 bars of signal strength, but when i go to make a call, the bars drop to 2 or lower.
    I also just had a message come up saying "No CDMA networks were found. Would you like to switch to Global Mode?" I chose yes, but still no calling or texting.
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