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Thread: Droid 3 Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyferhax View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BenLand150 View Post
    Edit - Also, my OG Droid was rooted.. but at the same time, I never fully grasped the difference between unlocked bootloaders vs root?
    This I can help explain

    Root means you have full admin access to the operating system running on your phone. This lets you read and write from the /system mount point, and do things like insert modules into the kernel (for the wifi tether app; and overclocking apps), install or remove system apps (bloatware); and install things like ClockWork recovery's Bootstrap because you can write to almost everything on the phone.

    Now; bootloaders are different. They generally are ALL locked in some way, its just that some are encrypted and some are not. The OG droid had a locked bootloader, but it was NOT encrypted so the community was able to crack it open and replace the boot files.. so you got cool custom kernels and full AOSP roms.

    The Droid 2 for example; has an encrypted bootloader; this is the real problem as the only way to get some rom's running (say Cyanogen) is for them to either use the 2nd init trick, or be able to replace the entire bootloader.

    From what I gather, the kernel with gingerbread is much, much harder to exploit for 2nd init (right now I don't think anyone has successfully done it) and with the encrypted bootloader the D3 will be like the D2 unless we can get Motorola to un-encrypt it for us.

    Hopefully my Kindergarten-level of understanding on this has helped some
    Ah, thanks! Definitely helped, appreciate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cdjones187 View Post
    Found that like the OG droid you can boot to system recovery by powering off the phone and pressing x and the power at the same time.

    It will bring you to the all to familiar triangle and "!" screen. From there swype your finger down over the volume rocker to unlock the menu.

    Not sure if this is already known, or how hard it would of been to figure it out. But here it is!
    DAMN IT! I made a stupid mistake. I went into the menu and accidentally wiped my phone. I'm so used to the original Droid having the Power button act as an escape key that I instinctively pressed it. Turns out the power button now selects the option you have highlighted!!

    D'oh. I miss having Titanium Backup and nandroid. :-/
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