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I was reading this thread and noticed it was a couple months old and I'm about to buy a droid2 and was wondering if PDAnet still works or not, and also people told me PDA was free but went to the site only the trail is free and then you have to buy it and i was wondering if the internet and browsing the web actually still work after the trail expires or do you have to buy it for $25 or are there any other cheaper or actually 100% free tethering softwares out there?

Please help me thanks.
PDAnet worked on one of my computers but not my laptop. not entirely sure why. But another app called easytether works just fine. it is free to view all non secured sites but $10 i believe to view secured sites, i.e. ones that begin with https://
I believe PDAnet is similar to this.
Sweet thank for the help and yeah i was looking into easytether the other day but wasn't sure if it was a good one or not but also it's cheaper and that's always nice. And i can't wait to get my Droid2 tomorrow i have a blackberry curve right now so it'll be a very nice upgrade.

And again thanks a lot =)
PDANet claims you need to pay a $10 registration fee but I have NEVER needed to register and I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Since after installing it there is no option to "register" it.