Hello, Anyone, Or everyone. I need help with my droid incredible 2. A few months ago it just stopped working completely. I never thought to do anything about i just used an old phone with WiFi, So, I don't use actual data, I just use it with WiFi. Okay, So... I was playing ps3... My phone vibrated as in i had got a message or notification. I went to go check it and my phone was off. So, I tried to turn it back on of course, and the phone wouldn't come on. I thought the phone was dead so i went on and plugged it in. The charging light never showed and said the phone was charging. So i was like "Well this is weird" and i guess that was when i found out the phone wasn't working, SO now i just use an HTC Evo 3D. But, Moral of the story my phone will not come on, Charge, Or go into recovery menu. PLEASE HELP