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Thread: Re-Assembling Droid 2 A955

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    Re-Assembling Droid 2 A955

    Hello All,

    I had a cracked Screen Digitizer that needed to be replaced. I received the Digitizer and proceeded to take apart the device (Motorola Droid 2). I'm getting ready to reassemble the phone but remembered how some pieces had a protective glue or silicone around it to help keep it in place. I'm worried that some parts internally will be loose once I put the phone back together. Also, the Back Antenna cover previously had some sort of adhesive holding the part to the back of the phone. Any recommendations on what type of adhesive I should get or any websites I can order it from? I called Motorola see if there was anything they can do to point me in the right direction and all they said was that they don't recommend putting any glue or adhesives on the phone but that I should send it in to them. I really appreciate anybodys help in this matter. My phone is in pieces and just want to make sure everything stays in tact after reassembly.
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    Option#1: Find a Microcenter store in your area. they have electronics glue for this exact thing. if not, go to radio shack, a phone repair place or any electronics store.
    they carry stuff like this and you can ask them where they get their adhesives.

    Option#2: I own both iphones and droids. Ideally the BEST way to take apart any phone and the easiest way is with a heat gun (walmart) which you can slowly and evenly heat up pieces on the droid that will easily remove without ripping adhesives apart almost leaving the pieces as they were first intended to be.
    make sure you dont heat up the phone too much and only heat it slowly and gradually without sweating off other delicate parts. this takes time and precision and noobs shouldn't do it or they might burn up their digitizer backing or something. use common sense. heat guns are powerful and thus minimal application is sufficient.

    you can safely heat off each piece on the back of the droid with the heat gun at about a foot or more away from the phone and it will start heating up the back surface. back away with the heat if the entire phone heats up. you're too close if that happens. remember you only want to heat up the SURFACE of the phone, not the phones internal parts. this only needs to be done to the 3 removable pieces on the back (silver speaker mesh/grill, camera lens cover '5MP' & the blue back sticker 'with google' logo). these 3 can be saved and reused if patience is applied.

    ----in a case where you ruined your back pieces, this place those parts (cheap) for the Motorola droid 2's and other Motorola phones: Motorola Replacement Screen LCD | Repair Parts | Accessories All parts on this site are cheaper than most other places and they carry all the pieces you are worried about ruining during removal. As for the internal parts, dont worry if they are somewhat loose. mount them back down the best way you can using the old adhesives or go take apart another crappy electronic device and use its adhesives by using the heat gun to remove them fully intact. the phone will be screwed back down not allowing for movement once the phone is reconstructed anyways, in case you're worried about something. you can also look for electronics adhesives online. be creative and use something else that works. At home depot they have lots of glues and adhesives that are non permanent, like the ones in your Droid. Try there.

    Mini heat guns sold at some Home Depots are even better for this if the regular heat guns are too much money. never use flames or torches for this. heat guns super heat the air to sweat the adhesives for removal but flames will just burn your phone.
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