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Thread: Screen problem! Please help!

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    Screen problem! Please help!

    Yesterday, I was changing the wallpaper of my phone and my phone completely shut off on me. So, thinking I might've hit something to do that, I simply just turned it back on. The motorola screen turned on, hen the droid eye turned on. But after the droid eye, it shut the screen off. If I get a text, it will vibrate still. So I know my simcard/sdcard is fine. When I plug it in to charge in my docking station, it will turn on on it's own (or it will stay on if it is already on) and the normal screen that I usually have in my docking station will come up. However, if I try to touch anything, like slide down my notification bar or go to the main screen, it shuts the screen back off again. But the notification bar is syill there and the if i touch te four icons at the bottom (more, home, back, search) it will respond with a vibration like it usually does. Sometimes, it will shut the whole phone back down/restart the phone. Anyone know what I should do?
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    Same Problem...

    Same problem here along with a ton of other issues. My daughter was playing a game, said the screen went blank. I reset the phone. I'm still getting notifications for events, but cannot see anything. I already hit the Verizon store for a warranty exchange. This is my 2nd exchange. They need to seriously consider getting me into a different phone if there is a 3rd. My warranty is up in November and I refuse to get burnt.

    I'm very easy going with this stuff, I understand that electronics break, however "customer satisfaction" is a lost art in this country, so we shall see.

    Issues Since the Update
    - WiFi is spotty at best and tends to be slow
    - Phone occasionally freaks out and changes screens, like it's catching up to previous swipe requests

    Longstanding issues I've had with both phones
    - Physical KB, OMG. Letters will randomly not work, sometimes they type out 3 or 4 of a requested character
    + As a note, this issue happened with BOTH phones, my original and my 1st warranty replacement. OUT OF THE BOX.


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