A couple days after the new GB update my Droid 2 I turned my screen off while listening to some music, I went to go unlock the phone I was shown a blank screen. The 4 bottons lit up and the backlight on but still I had a blank grey screen. I did a battery pull and I turn it on I have a blank boot screen (No red motorola symbol or boot animation) its been stuck like this for a couple hours I put in a different charger and finally got it to boot-up normally but then it did it again... After a good amount of battery pulls and reboots I got it up again for the moment.
So is there any way to have it working normally and to stop it from blank grey screening again ? So I can finally have my phone in my pocket again lol

Note: I do have a task killer and now a anti-virus (AVG) and I also downloaded the No lock app before this started but I removed it because it didnt work well with gingerbread .