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Thread: battery consumption -- sudden increase

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    battery consumption -- sudden increase

    Hi All.

    Last May, my Droid 2 Global suddenly started consuming its battery in well less than a day (100% to 10% in 8-10 hours with very little actual usage). Formerly, it was lasting over two days. After some experimenting, I went to the store in mid-June where they recommended a hard-reset. I rued the time spent in setting-up again, but agreed. The hard reset seemed to work -- all back to normal (two days of life). After about a month, the rapid consumptions has abruptly started again. I have not recently downloaded anything new (as far as I know).

    I am a very basic user and have settings to optimize the battery (email only pushes when asked; limited apps: satellites, blue tooth & wireless turned off; no social apps; installed advanced task killer with very aggressive settings (now see on the forum that task killers get mixed reviews, but not clear why)). My son has the same phone and when we switch batteries my phone sucks down his battery while my battery provides a long life in his phone.

    When I go to "settings"; "applications"; "running", the bar shows "other" around 148 MB and "avail" around 57+54. Not sure how that compares to reasonable.

    Other than another hard reset, the store has no ideas or info on uninvited apps that might be finding their way into the phone and sucking down battery.

    If you have ideas on what I might change, delete, adjust, check or add to end this, I will appreciate hearing from you. thanks.
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    Uninstall ATK. It does way more harm than good. Android is not like a desktop os where having empty ram is a good thing. Instead, when an app gets killed it attempts to restart so that it's ready when you go to use it later. This restarting is what's draining your battery because it keeps the CPU at a higher speed when it shouldn't be (like when the screen is off).

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    Thanks for the fast reply 13th.

    Last night, I uninstalled ATK, but does not appear to have been the problem as today, after 7 hours unplugged, I am at 30% battery remaining --- and have not had any calls or used the phone for any purpose during that period.

    I don't know if it gives anyone ideas on my issue, but i looked at the usage stats under "settings"; "battery manager" and it shows 35% com.motorola.service.ma and 25% display.

    Thanks for the time.


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