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Thread: Bootloader D2.37

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    Motorola Droid 2

    Bootloader D2.37

    I had liberty on my Droid 2 and was upgrading to the new GB. now when I boot up I get a screen saying:


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    I have found a tricky way of getting back into the Android Sytem Recovery by removing the battery holding the power and X botton wile sliding the battery back into place. but when I go back to apply sdcard:update.zip it will give a signiture verification failed.

    Is my phone lost or can I somehow recover from this? thanks.
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    Sounds like your going to have to sbf.

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    Try clearing data/cache when in that menu (where you applied the update.zip) you might fix your issue if not. you'll have to SBF.
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    Kinda new to the entire ROM thing, and I may have bricked my phone.

    I had Liberty installed, and started having issues with reboots and freezing, so I just wanted to go back to stock. I am rooted. I tried to follow the directions here How to SBF flash the Droid 2 after reading everything I could to make sure I didn't mess up. I ended up here Tutorial/Walkthrough for flashing an .sbf to Droid 2 (unrooting/factory restore) - xda-developers.

    Long and short of the story is that I'm now looking at the Bootloader d2.37 screen.

    I don't really understand what I need to do at this point. Rebooting while holding "X" doesn't change anything. Rebooting while holding the down arrow doesn't either.

    I haven't attached the Data Cable yet. Not even sure what I would do when I did without a file or something to get to. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am starting to go into withdrawals without my droid.

    Oh, I also went here http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/d...html#post37316. I downloaded the Odexed zip and the FULL SBF file before I followed these instructions. No problems until step 8 when it came back to Bootloader.

    One more thing - I've read that the phone will not charge in bootloader mode, and it won't SBF if a low battery. Just to say - my husband has the same phone, so I have a battery swap/recharge option.
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    Not sure what you're not getting. You have the right links. Install rsd lite 4.9 on the computer, dl the drivers from motorola (web site), dl the full sbf file and extract it to your desktop (easier to find it there) open rsd lite, put the phone in bootloader mode, plug it in, click the box with (...) and find the sbf file (make sure it's unzipped). Your phone should be in the left window (it may pop up as s flash but that's OK) and the right side will have the sbf file details. The bottom half will say connected in the first row. Now you're ready, click start and let it ride. Don't touch anything. It will flash and manually reboot. You should be fine after that. If not and it bootloops, unplug and boot into stock recovery and do a data wipe and reboot. Done and done. Hope this helps

    Droid 2 Liberty GB v0.7


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